Just in town from Telluride, was a grower there for a while and am pretty particular about my flower. This place has the widest selection of flower, some AMAZING bubble hash (try the Banana...) and they are the only place that has caviar in the entire city apparently. Read full article.


I stop in here at least a few times a week. That should be all I really need to say. The staff is really cool and always friendly. They knew me by name after my first visit. I buy mostly edibles there and I always enjoy stopping in, which I do at least once or twice a week. There is some really neat artwork on the wall too, don't miss it! Read full article.

— TravelingMan.420 —

Super friendly and professional staff, wonderful neighborhood feel. Very knowledgeable budtenders. Wonderfully fresh and tasty flowers with plenty of variety. Always a good selection of edibles too. After visiting lots of other dispensaries this is now the only place I'll buy flowers. Read full article.


This was my first time at AMCH and David and the other staff were so welcoming. I felt free to look around and I did not feel rushed at all. Not only were the budtenders friendly but their bud was incredible- especially for the great member pricing. I will definitely be going back. Read full article.


I went here to redeem the 2g wax for $50 deal on weedmaps and get a few grams of hash to make edibles. I dabbed the wax when I got home and for a non stain specific it has some pretty good flavor . The security guard and budtender were both very nice and knowledgeable. Even though the rec side is much larger the medical side still has some nice options. Read full article.

— JBIRD121285 —

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